A new report has just been published which says too many rental properties across the UK have problems with damp.

It’s an issue here in Telford too, but there are simple steps that both landlords and tenants can do to prevent damp becoming a problem.

It’s a win-win for landlords and tenants – maintaining the value of the property, and making it a more pleasant place to live, as well as helping to secure the tenant’s damage deposit.

There are responsibilities for both parties, and many of them boil down to common sense.

Tenants should dry clothes outside or in a well-ventilated room, cover pans when boiling food, keep the window open or use an extractor fan when taking a shower or bath, for instance.

Landlords should listen to their tenants, and fix any problems as soon as they are reported to stop them from getting out of hand. They should also be aware that they could get fined by the council if they don’t react to any problems.

The same goes for letting agents – and in particular, they should refuse to let a property that has mould, damp or condensation because it’s against the law.

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