The latest house price figures and sales statistics make for interesting reading here in Telford.

It looks like house prices are levelling out, which is no bad thing for the market, with our figures showing a gradual rise of 0.7% over the past month but an annual decrease of 1.7%.

The really encouraging figure is the number of completed sales over the past three months.

Across Telford there have been 244 sales, which is a big rise from previous months, showing that the market is moving nicely.

That’s good news whether you are buying or selling, because if properties are changing hands it means more stock is available and more buyers will be out there.

For investors it means that sellers are prepared to accept sensible offers, and I know of a few examples of really good investment properties selling very quickly recently.

And when the summer holidays are over and done with, I can guarantee that things will be getting busier in the coming weeks.

It’s all pointing to a strong final quarter of 2017, and I am hopeful that the market will continue to perform this well as we head into next year.



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