When you put your property on the market, the first two weeks are absolutely crucial.

Those initial days immediately following the arrival of your house in property listings typically results in the highest amount of interest of any point during the sale, so having a plan of action is vital.

Firstly, make sure you agree with your agent exactly when your property will be launched – we would advise a Wednesday or Thursday so you can hit the weekend searches at the top of the list.

Then you need a clear plan for when your viewings will be. If you are launching on a Wednesday or Thursday, plan your viewings for the following weekend.

Now when it comes to viewings, it’s a great idea to arrange a series of block bookings all on the same day.

Make sure they are booked back-to-back so each viewer is likely to see the next visitors on the doorstep, or at least as they have a look at your property from the outside.

There’s nothing underhand about that – it’s more convenient for you anyway – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with creating a bit of gentle competition.

Can you remember when you last viewed a house you really liked and then saw someone else knocking on the door as you drove away? I bet you were tempted to phone the agent and make an offer straight away. And that’s the reaction you want!

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